SEO for Dogs

Donate to  dog charity . Get SEO + content marketing tips.

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(Each month I’ll withdraw the funds and donate them to a dog charity.)

WTF is SEO for Dogs?

It’s pretty simple: I will review your site for free and give you some quick SEO tips, content marketing quick wins or maybe a tiny SEO audit. All for free, no catch.

Okay, maybe one catch:

I kindly request that you make a donation (if you can afford to) right here. Each month I’ll withdraw the funds and donate the funds to a dog charity.

Get SEO tips →

Why am I doing?

Surprisingly conformable sitting in a dried up riverbed. (I’m the one on the left btw.)

I like dogs. I don’t like to think of dogs being sad. So this is me doing my very small part to help.

Also, I get a few emails each week asking for stuff so instead of replying (or forgetting to, my bad), I thought I’d create some good. There’s more to life than ranking sites. It’s also an incentive to reply back and help some people out.

The more people I can help, the more dogs get some help too. Win win.

If you don’t want my advice and just want to donate, you are more than welcome to here. 🙂

How it Works?

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Fill in this form with your website & what kind of help you want.
  2. Once received, I’ll spend 10 – 15 mins making some actionable notes then send them to you.
  3. In the meantime, you should use this link to donate and help some dogs.